Our Difference & Philosophy

Abor Group strives to be a catalyst for change by embracing indigenous wisdom in the way we manage ourselves, treat our customers, and seek truthful and balanced relationships with the environment.

Our Difference & PhilosophyIndigenous people consider it a human right to a healthy environment and to be self-sufficient. It is this shared world view that has allowed Abor Group to establish strong working relationships with many First Nation communities.

While science and technology form part of our tool box, we use a balanced approach to solving energy and environmental issues that may or may not involve science and technology.

Energy conservation for example, contributes to sustainability. Yet energy conservation can involve using advanced technology such as LED lighting or it can mean simply turning off lights you don’t need.

We have found the best way forward is through listening, learning and establishing trusting relationships to come up with strategies where everyone benefits from the outcome.

Abor Group also embraces an agile management style, which fosters a strong team based problem solving approach and helps us be flexible and responsive.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

“I would like to thank the Abor Group in their involvement with the delivery of the Aboriginal
Conservation Program (ACP) to Akwesasne. The Abor Group’s professionalism was a key
factor in the implementation of the ACP to Akwesasne and fifteen other First Nations…”
Corey Tarbell, Project Lead for Aboriginal Conservation Program, Housing Inspector for MCA

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“Our family will benefit so much from this workshop. We now have better knowledge of what bulbs to buy when shopping. I have a completely new way of looking at the use of electricity.”
Marcie Simpson

“Whole presentation excellent. Best workshop I have seen in a long time, as a minister for 39 years in the United Church I have been to tons of workshops and for me this is the 95% best of what I have experienced. Thank you.”
Dorinda Vollmer, Reverend