Drew Hill

Founder & President of Abor Group

Drew Hill

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Drew Hill is the founder and president of Abor Group. He holds a biology degree from the University of Western Ontario and a geological engineering degree from the University of Toronto. In 2003 after working as an engineer in large firms Drew started his own company so he could guide his career with the indigenous values he grew up with, being truthful and good to the earth, using science and technology to help.

In 2004 Abor Group became the only First Nation company licensed in Ontario to provide home energy audits for the national ecoEnergy program and assessed over 7,000 houses across the province. Drew is a professional engineer who is licensed to train people to be energy auditors. He is also licensed to perform home heat calculations.

In 2012 Abor Group was one of two companies chosen to deliver the Aboriginal Conservation Program in Ontario. Within the program’s three year span Drew and his team created engaging and educational energy conservation presentations that motivated 3,631 First Nation households across Ontario to participate in the program. Drew also worked with his staff to train 11 First Nation energy assessment teams to conduct the home energy assessments and install the basic measures.

Drew’s agile and respectful business management approach has allowed him and his staff to be flexible to deal with the unpredictable and fast changing situations they encounter in the field.