Community Energy Planning

Community Energy PlanningHow are we going to deal with the increasing challenges created by climate change? What do we do about the rising cost of energy and provide opportunities for people? Leaders are facing many tough questions.

The window of opportunity is very short to act.

What is your plan? Where do you start?

A legacy of leadership will take indigenous values and create a smart, home grown plan that confronts climate change and energy challenges, moves us closer to the land, and fosters self-sufficiency.

Abor Group brings your nation’s goals, values, indigenous world view and creativity together to build your community energy plan. From there, we explore the technological solutions that fit your community’s needs.

What We Offer

Information gathering and conservation – We can provide the energy audits and energy use data your community needs as a baseline and to start planning. We can help bring your community together to educate people about energy conservation and decide on priorities.

Renewable energy possibilities – We can help you explore Wind, Solar, Run of River, Bio energy, Geothermal, Energy from Waste, District heating.

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